Job Sims Help Advocate for Work From Home (WFH) Policies

Did you know we have a job sim to help you assess your org and team to help you advocate for Work From Home (WFH) Policies? Yes! What timing. As many workplaces are figuring out hybrid or not, and how to do it – check out this job sim for tips to advocate for your team.

Check out the “Mediation” job sim / Human Services job family / Humanities Job Sim Library.

You’ll go through tasks to conduct a reflection on your organization. Here’s an excerpt from the job sim:

“For this job sim, you are a business partner for an organization discussing post-pandemic work-from-home (WFH) policies. Due to the unusual circumstances of 2020 and positive news of available vaccines, your organization is revisiting pre-pandemic policies as well as considering allowing employees to continue working from home in some capacity. Mediation will be required to bring your stakeholders (employees, managers, and leadership) and their interests in this process together to build a new, well-structured plan.”

Some folks have tried it and started conversations with their managers. If you give this one a go – Good luck!