Did you know that we now have a science job sim for each career area in the myIDP? If we were playing that game, where you’re trying to cover all the pieces on the board, we’d have Bingo!

myIDP is an online career planning tool where individuals answer questions about tasks they like to do at work and tasks they think they’re good at. Then, individuals get to see how their responses match with different career areas. Doing the myIDP self-assessment helps you identify possible careers of interest. Then a likely next step is reading about career areas online. One of our goals in creating this online job sim library was to be the next stop in your myIDP journey. InterSECT gives scientists a chance to try out these different careers.

You can now test out a specific task for each career area. With each job sim, you can:

  • perform tasks that professionals in that field would perform (selected tasks are typical, entry level tasks for PhD-level professionals)
  • get a better understanding of processes involved in certain tasks (like what it takes to lobby your congress person or how you go about triaging papers as a journal editor)
  • find and examine different types of information (do you like to work with student evaluation data, policy data, business financials, clinical trial information, etc.)
  • create different work products

Collaborators at several universities worked hard to create these simulations for you. Thanks to all our collaborators! If there’s a task you’d still like to see, let us know.

Finally, we are working on completing a job sim for all the Humanities and Social Sciences job families, so stay tuned.