Progressing in your career exploration involves collecting information…just like you do for your research project!

Hi ya’ll! Still active and updating job sim links and creating new ones for ya. How are you using the site? Have you shared with a friend or colleague? We hope you find it useful.

We recently presented about InterSECT job sims at a few universities and the responses from PhD students was encouraging! We are so glad the PhD community finds job sims helpful for their career exploration.

In the presentation about InterSECT Job Sims, we shared that you can approach career exploration like doing a personal research project. Be curious, ask questions, collect data on yourself, and evaluate what you learn about yourself and what you like to do (or do NOT like to do.)

Here’s what a few folks shared:

  • “I had never thought of the process of looking for a career in a new industry as possibly being more similar to the research process … (e.g. vis a vis opportunities to be creative, follow your curiosity, have fun). This reframing has really made the whole job search process appear a lot more approachable and enjoyable to me.”
  • “Thank you! Your advice was invaluable during this time of my life. I feel more confident and calm about the nonacademic job market after attending your workshop!”

Wanna read more about this perspective how on finding the next career is just like following the bread crumbs for your research project? Here’s an article – “Using Your Research Skills for Career Exploration” by Tina Solvik, PhD (CarpeCareers blog from Inside Higher Ed)