Creating a Job Sim

Creating a job sim can feel like a difficult task if you don’t have much experience in the field. However, by using the template and interviewing a professional, writing a sim can be engaging and informational.

The job sim template lists many questions for the professional, so it’s important before doing the interview to review the template and familiarize yourself with the structure of the sim. Use any background knowledge you have about the field to shape the questions to the career field in question. For example, if you know the sim requires scientific information, be prepared to ask the professional for external resources. Ask yourself what you would want to know as an entry-level worker in that field.

During the interview, take notes! If it’s okay with the interviewee, record your conversation so you can reference it later. Ask for clarification on any topics you don’t understand. Remind them that the task is intended to take only a few hours – this can help focus the activity the interviewee selects. Don’t worry too much about formatting the sim at this point. Just keep your eyes and ears open to collect as much information as possible.

At the end of the interview, make sure to ask the professional for their contact information, and let them know that you may be in touch with any additional questions. Start working on the sim as soon as possible after completing the interview so that it’s still fresh in your mind.

While writing the sim, focus on being as clear and legible as possible. Use action verbs, and don’t get bogged down in explanations that are specific to the task in question. Keep in mind that the sim should be comprehensible to a beginner.

When you’ve completed the sim, step away for a day or two, so you can return with fresh eyes. While revising your draft, you may want to compare your sim with a sim in a similar career field. Reference the job sim library for examples. When you have completed a draft, send it off to the professional with a list of specific questions. Keep in mind that your interviewee is a busy person, and probably doesn’t have the time to check all your work.

Creating a job sim can help you understand the many career paths that are open to you. Have fun with it! Remember when you were a kid and you would play firefighter or veterinarian? Try to approach creating a job sim with the same energy, enthusiasm, and spirit.

-Serena, copyeditor, job sim developer, and website specialist for InterSECT