Thanks for visiting InterSECT Job Sims! We are excited to share this resource and the process to help PhDs reflect on careers that fit. For me, this blog is a place to share tips and guidance for ways that grad students and postdocs can use the job sims.

As someone who completed graduate school, did a postdoc, and navigated dual career searches in both academic and non-academic sectors, I deeply understand the journey of seeking new career paths. Now, as a career advisor and higher ed administrator I share strategies and advise graduate students and postdocs as they make career transitions. I’ve loved creating the InterSECT library with collaborators, and seeing how the community is coming together to create and share job sims.

You’ll hear from other InterSECT developers, PhDs and graduate students from all over the U.S. about their experiences. I hope it will provide some inspiration and concrete advice as you search for the next step.  Please let us know if there is a question you’d like answered or a story you’d like to share. We love hearing from graduate students and postdocs about they ways they’ve used job sims to explore careers and make career decisions.